Resource Feature: Center for Economic Development at Chico State

One of the most challenging aspects in the manufacturing industry is well-known to all of those working in the space: the ability to find and keep skilled labor. After the COVID-19 pandemic, hiring has been harder than ever. Thankfully, many like GMI have joined forces over the years to create resources for employers and employees in need of skilled labor or jobs. The Center for Economic Development at Chico State is one such organization. Led by CMTC (California Manufacturing Technology Consulting), CED at Chico State is a great resource for local manufacturers to network and find potential skilled labor to come work for them. They also provide high-quality research and no-cost resources for the manufacturing sector throughout California.

Conducting high-quality research and providing tools to industry leaders, the resources found at CSU Chico help empower regional leaders to make effective and informed decisions to best serve the needs of their clients, constituents, and communities. By providing regional leaders with accurate and timely information, the center helps guide the socio-economic challenges and opportunities facing the region. Becoming an especially useful resource after the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, CED assisted the rest of the North State Planning and Development Collective in creating and/or retaining over 13,000 jobs, $1,000,000,000 in sales, $270,000,000 in new client investments, and $90,000,000 in cost savings across the state.

Services CED Provides

Their no-cost services include: general technical and data assistance, targeted marketing analysis, production of interactive data tools, geospatial mapping services, survey design and administration, consumer intelligence, retail leakage/surplus analysis, and economic impact studies. Their efforts have significantly positively impacted the finances of their network of over 1,200 manufacturers through creating jobs, resources, and tools, and they will continue to do so in the years to come for the good of the industry and the benefit of the general public. Don’t just watch the numbers add up for next year’s statistics—discover the no-cost services at CED and become a part of the positive impact for 2022!