About GMI

By promoting collaboration and communication, we can help create a strong, more vibrant manufacturing industry.

Our History

The Grow Manufacturing Initiative was created to address a lack of skilled labor in the North State – a major barrier to industry growth. The initial project was a North State Manufacturers Directory. The directory creates partnerships between manufacturers, educators, and government agencies while serving as a platform of communication and collaboration. It serves as a connection point for businesses to build a locally-based supply chain, share technology and new concepts. By sharing ideas and best practices, manufacturers can learn from each other and identify new opportunities for improvement. GMI has grown in scope and projects, including advocacy and outreach to educators and students. By working together and investing in education and training, we can help ensure that the North State Manufacturing industry GROWS and thrives.

Powering Progress, Empowering Communities: The Essential Role of Manufacturing

When Manufacturing thrives, our economy thrives. The industry provides a source of pride for their community, it showcases the talent and skills of local workers and contributes to the overall identity and character of the area. By providing jobs, generating revenue, and contributing to local economies, this industry supports the growth and development of Northern California. By creating jobs at all levels, from entry-level to highly skilled technical roles, local manufacturers are providing opportunities for individuals to build successful careers and help boost the economic stability of their region. It is important to invest and support the industry so that future generations can benefit.