Together, We Are Stronger

That’s our motto and we stand by it. As a manufacturer, you understand better than anyone what you need (and what’s holding you back) to thrive. We believe in driving change through strength in numbers and a collective voice.

We also believe leveraging resources is the most effective way to move our industry forward. All of us want the same thing – strong communities with thriving local economies. We all have something to offer, yet struggle with finding the time to coordinate with each other, let alone outside agencies, to move our industry forward.

This is Where GMI Comes In

GMI is comprised of manufacturers like you, who don’t have the time to advocate, educate, and cultivate. We do the heavy lifting for you.

When you join GMI, we become the conduit between you and fellow manufacturers, suppliers, educators, government, and workforce professionals. We help you leverage available resources necessary to drive your business and local manufacturing forward.

As a member of GMI, you have access to this website and all it has to offer. This includes access to a powerful database from which you can research products and services, get assistance from fellow members, post jobs, and cultivate a strong workforce. Members are provided exposure to those who can help you get what you need to be successful, including press. We know advanced manufacturing is a whole new animal – we’re here to help you get the word out.

What You Get

GMI gives manufacturers a voice. While you do the important work of running your business, we work behind the scenes to do the following:

  • Build a strong local manufacturing network hub. Your membership allows you access to this network to research products and services, fill gaps in knowledge, get/give advice, and more.
  • Advocate on your behalf with government and educational institutions. GMI is your voice to all things manufacturing. You live it. You know it. We communicate it for you.
  • We connect you with business opportunities, helping your business to grow and thrive.
  • We provide a platform for all voices in manufacturing to be heard. We work with educational institutions and workforce development agencies to provide them with what you, as a manufacturer, need in employees. Everything from what software you’re using to what skills you need the most. This continued two-way communication works to build a pipeline of trained, relevant employees, helping you grow stronger, faster.
  • The GMI website provides you a platform to showcase job opportunities. While not a job listing board, it’s a way to further promote your business attracting the right fit at the right time.
  • Your company’s marketing arm does short term outreach to bring in sales and grow revenue. We focus on helping you build long term relationships and grow the overall industry, helping your internal efforts become more effective. Events such as our Grow Marketing Expo are designed to inspire the next generation of employees and educate the community on what advanced manufacturing looks like.
Our goal is to pave a smoother road for you to reach your business objectives.

 Join GMI