Springboard Biodiesel

Springboard Biodiesel,LLC., incorporated in 2008, is a biodiesel equipment manufacturer that is leading the way in developing a vibrant, small-scale biodiesel production industry. The company has been enabling institutions, businesses, municipalities, farmers, cooperatives, and anyone who has access to vegetable or animal oils to convert that oil, 50 to 100 gallons at a time, into premium-grade biodiesel for an average cost of 95 cents per gallon(!) Currently, Springboard has a network of active customers that extends through 26 countries and into all 50 states. The heart of this network is a patented device called The BioPro™.

As the network expands, we are focused on delivering the most innovative biodiesel products and technologies that enable local biodiesel production from the widest array of feedstocks. By allowing our customers to make biodiesel from multiple sources (virgin oil seed crops, animal oils and waste veg. oil), we help them minimize their costs and earn a truly compelling economic return for an environmentally beneficial fuel. With this combination of benefits as our tailwind, our goal is to make biodiesel the preferred fuel, not just the alternative.

Springboard’s R&D efforts are on-going, and as we grow our presence in the small-scale arena, we look forward to soon producing and selling our own ASTM-certified biodiesel here in Chico, CA. Thanks to some clever engineering and help from the California Energy Commission, we have developed a 1,000 gallon per day automated system that enables us to process a wide array of local feedstocks into ASTM-grade biodiesel. Because this is a modular system with a zero-waste footprint, we look forward to offering our BioPro™ power-users the opportunity to pair select glycerin and methanol purification modules with their existing systems to create local, low-cost production systems that generate zero waste.


Petroleum and Petroleum Products Merchant Wholesalers (except Bulk Stations and Terminals)  


BioDiesel Accessories, Equipment, Chemicals, Fuel Storage / Pumps Commercial Biodiesel Processors:
  • BioPro 190
  • BioPro 190 EX
  • BioPro 190 EX + SpringPro T76
  • BioPro 380
  • BioProd 380 EX
  • BioPro 380 EX + SpringProT76
  • INCOSEP Biodiesel Processing Accelerator
  • SpringFlow 250
  • Springboard Biodiesel Fueling Station