QRC, Inc.

QRC is recognized around the world as the leading manufacturer of Outlaw Sprint Karts. The company developed these high-tech, high speed karts more than 25 years ago and have been pivotal in the development of the sport of Outlaw Kart racing. Our driving concept has always been safety by design. Our floating cage design not only is the fastest way around the track but is by far the safest design in the industry.

QRC began manufacturing Championship Outlaw Karts in 1985. What began as an experiment, has grown to become the QRC of today — leading the way in a growing, nationally recognized sport. QRC pioneered the floating cage design, a prominent feature of Outlaw Karts. This came from the necessity of providing the safety of a cage that would not interfere with the performance of the chassis. QRC continues to pioneer every evolution in Outlaw Karts and is dedicated to a healthy future for the sport as a whole. Today, QRC remains a fixture in the Red Bluff community. Our manufacturing facility is just a few minutes down the street from the famed Red Bluff Outlaws – the birthplace of Outlaw Kart Racing, and an hour north of the famous Cycleland Speedway.

Our products are manufactured in Red Bluff California, just a stone’s throw from the Tehama District Fairgrounds, the birthplace of Outlaw Kart Racing. We use only the highest quality materials and pride in workmanship.