Precision PCB Services Inc.

Since 1991, Precision PCB Services Inc., has provided products, services, training and consulting for the assembly, rework and repair of printed circuit boards and electronic assemblies.

We are a leader in the art of BGA Component Rework, Lead Free Process & Profile Development. We now offer a full line of high end Split Vision BGA Rework Stations at a very affordable price. Precision PCB Services, Inc.  The only BGA Rework Company that is referenced in the Xilinx Document XAPP426, “Implementing Xilinx Flip-Chip BGA Packages.

Precision PCB Services, Inc. provides consulting services for advanced manufacturing processes. Providing solutions for advanced, complex and emerging technologies. Since 1991, we have consulted and solved process problems for some of the world largest companies. Having worked with over 2000 engineers, managers and executives at over 1000 companies, we provide a unique and innovative compilation of hands on experience.


Printed Circuit Assembly (Electronic Assembly) Manufacturing


  • BGA Rework Services
  • BGA Reballing Services
  • BGA Rework Stations
  • BGA
  • LGA
  • QFN
  • PoP
  • FPGA
  • Chip on board
  • Flip Chip
  • Micro BGA
  • Chip Scale
  • Solder Balls
  • BGA Reballing Fixtures
  • BGA Reballing Ovens


RWB400C BGA Rework Station   BGA Rework Station:
  • SP-360C BGA Rework Station
  • RW-B400C BGA Rework Station
  • SV530 Split Vision BGA Rework Station
  • SV550 Split Vision BGA Rework Station
  • SV560
  • SV560-A
  • E6250U – Nitrogen Gas Capable
  • E6250U Nitrogen Capable SMD & BGA Rework Station with Cabinet