MTECH Incorporated

MTECH designs and manufactures water storage and pumping systems for applications in the fire service and pest control industries. We build everything from five gallon chemical storage tanks and 5,000-gallon fire truck water tanks, to fire truck bodies and storage compartments — all out of copolymer polypropylene plastic. Welded copolymer is highly impact resistant, durable, non-corrosive and light weight.

From our facility in Chico, California, MTECH designs and manufactures products that are built to last. With nearly 20 years of plastic fabrication experience and decades worth of pump and spray system knowledge, we have the tools and experience to build the products you need. And we look forward to doing just that.

MTECH, Inc., has gained a reputation for building plastic-fabricated fire service tanks and truck bodies, as well as pest control and agricultural spraying systems, that look great and never fail. We’ve built our business on repeat customers who value quality and the care with which each product is built.

At MTECH, we don’t just talk about quality and customer satisfaction – we live it every day. Every one of our staff is dedicated to bringing you products that work perfectly, last for decades and are aesthetically unmatched in the industry. Whether we’re building a fire truck, water tank, pest control rig or agricultural sprayer, quality and functionality always come first.




  • Plastic products, specializing in injection molding of plastics
  • General industrial machinery, specializing in firefighting apparatus
  • Textile machinery, specializing in printing machinery
  • Farm machinery and equipment, specializing in sprayers or spraying machines.


  • PolyTough™ refers to MTECH’s build process—from raw material selection to the finished product. It encompasses design techniques, material selection, build and quality assurance processes.
  • 3D Computer Modeling
  • CNC Machining
  • Plastic Welding Technology


Fire Service:

  • Fire Truck Bodies
  • Fire Truck Tanks
  • QTAC UTV and Truck Skids
  • Tsunami Skids

Pest Control Sprayers:

  • M25-E (Copolymer 25-gallon spray system)
  • M40-E (Copolymer 40-gallon spray system)
  • M25-F (Copolymer single-tank, 25-gallon spray system)
  • M50-F (Copolymer single-tank, 50-gallon spray system)
  • M100-F (Copolymer three-tank, 100-gallon spray system)