DigitalPath™ is a pioneer in the broadband Internet industry. As owner/operator of one of the largest wireless broadband networks in California, DigitalPath offers voice and data plans with higher speeds and price points that match or beat our competition.

DigitalPath™ has deployed its patented last-mile technology throughout the rural areas of Northern and Central California to serve customers who deserve higher quality service than they can get with other providers.


Phone System Options:
  • Cloud OR premise PBX
  • Fax to Email / Email to Fax
  • Internet and phone bundles OR JUST Internet / JUST phone
  • SIP trunking for existing digital PBX systems
Grandstream Models
  • GXP 2100
  • GXP 2120
  • GXP 2124
  • GXP 1450
  • DP 715
Aastra Models
  • 6731i
  • 6757
  • 600D SIP-DECT
Counterpath Softphones
  • Bria for Desktop
  • Bria for Smartphones