• Electronic circuit design and fabrication
  • Design analysis, trouble-shooting and repair.
  • Precision mechanical apparatus design, fabrication, repair and preventative maintenance.
  • Industrial automation equipment design, fabrication, repair and maintenance.
  • Design improvements for existing electro-mechanical systems.
  • Dynamic Spindle Balancing.
  • Software design for automation equipment, utility programs, MFC applications, Internet application (CGI, Java, HTML).
  • Automated vibration dampening systems, telemetry systems, automated test equipment.
  • Precision closed loop servo system design – Frequency locked loops, phase lock loops (.0001% velocity error)
  • Three phase power amplifier design – (5000 watts)
  • Brushless-DC motor motion controller design and integration. Stepper motor driver design and integration. Sinusoidal commutation, six-step commutation, torque amplifiers.
  • Sensors- Digital rotary and linear encoders, capacitance displacement, pressure transducers, laser interferometers, RF transmitters and receivers, thermal sensors, accelerometers, strain gauges.
  • Pneumatics – Building precision air bearing spindles, air bearing X-Y-Z tables, pneumatic actuators, solenoids, pressure transducers.


  • Test equipment – Oscilloscopes, Modulation domain analyzers, frequency counters/ generators, microscopes, granite inspection tables, dial indicators, height gauges.
  • Fabrication equipment – milling machines, lathes, jig grinding, lapping and polishers to achieve tolerances within 50 micro inches.