C Sys Labs, Inc.

Established in 1987, C Sys Labs, Inc. has a long history of producing high quality products. Our own standard products, custom designed and contract manufactured products have withstood the test of time in the field. Attention to detail in every step of the assembly process assures minimal rework, high reliability and optimized turn times.

Using the latest Lead Free compatible equipment provides excellent process control in critical assembly processes. Well trained employees compliment our automated processes with skilled hand solder, wire prep, and rework abilities. Processes are optimized for quality and cost. Lead Free ROHS compliant PCB assembly services have been apart of our capabilities for years and our long history in electronics manufacturing accounts for the exceptional quality and high yields our customers experience every day with this newer technology.


Operates as a manufacturer of electronic computers and also provides computer integrated systems design services.
  • PB Free ROHS compliant circuit assembly
  • SnPb circuit assembly
  • Cable fabrication
  • Product assembly
  • Failure analysis
  • Circuit design and prototyping
  • PCB layout services



  • Essemtec & APS Assembly Machines
  • Heller 1707 Reflow Oven
  • Novastar Wave Soldering
  • RPS Automation Selective Soldering
  • Laser Cutting and Engraving
  • CNC Routing and Dispense
  • DI Water Closed Loop Washer
  • Compressed Air and N2 Systems
  • JBC, Pace
  • Weller
  • Hand soldering tools
  • Crimping tools for Mil
  • RJ45
  • Wire Terminals
  • O.C. White and Zeiss Microscopes
  • JBC rework station
  • Torque controlled screwdrivers