AirSpray USA Inc.

Founded in 1954, Air Spray is one of the world’s oldest and most experienced private operators of aircraft for aerial wildfire suppression. Air Spray is known world wide for quality aircraft and tank systems, reliable safety, business integrity, innovative technology and professional service. Air Spray contracts with government fire protection agencies to provide critical air tanker and air attack aircraft to aid in the control of wildfires affecting communities and surrounding forests.

AirSpray aircraft are on call throughout each fire season to quickly respond when fires break out. Through our efforts, small fires are contained before they get out of control saving millions of trees and ensuring that fires do not reach communities and the people living there.

We are extremely proud of our reputation of working with our customers to improve our industry through cost efficiency and fire control effectiveness and to always go above and beyond to ensure the job is carried out safely.


  • Air Spray is a firefighting airtanker operator/maintainer
  • Perform conversions of passenger jets to airtanker use
  • Retardant tank system parts and sub-assemblies are manufactured off-site
  • The aircraft structural modification/tank assembly/fabrication and installation are performed at Air Spray


  • Electrical assembly
  • Hydraulic systems component test/assembly
  • Structural fabrication/modification/assembly


  • Available Aircraft:
  • Bae 146 Airtanker
  • Lockheed L188 Electra Airtanker
  • Air Tractor 802F Airtanker
  • Fire Boss
  • Turbo Commander 690 Birddog