Buyer’s Club Round-Up

GMI Wins Two Items At Butte County Fair Auction

Last month, we provided some insight into our Buyer’s Club, a GMI initiative aimed at encouraging the manufacturers of tomorrow by bidding on their handcrafted items at events like The Butte County Fair. 

We’re so pleased to share the combined efforts of our members’ donations with GMI’s own dollar-for-dollar match: we were able to support two young manufacturers and their projects to the tune of $2,000!

Meet our two winners!

Paige Sutherland

With support from both the FFA and SkillsUSA, Paige operated as a manufacturer of one, designing, cutting, welding, and putting every finishing touch on her project herself. Named the “Ford Tailgate Bench,” Paige’s design required a Bill of Materials to estimate the total cost. Selling at auction for $1,000 to GMI’s Buyer’s Club, Paige’s Tailgate Bench was donated back to her family. Inspired by the 1965 Fairlane she’s currently restoring, Paige is both a Ford and a manufacturing fan. She was excited to learn about GMI and our vast network of manufacturing employers, like you! 

Paige is a Junior at Gridley High School and is already a certified horizontal welder with 7018 and hopes to work with vertical and overhead this coming year. She expressed excitement for the manufacturing program at Butte College and looks forward to connecting with GMI partners.

Christian Bruemmer

Another young manufacturer who took complete ownership of his concept and build is Christian Bruemmer. His Wood Slab Coffee Table was up for a successful auction, selling for $1,000 to GMI. He was so proud of his live-edged pine top design, he decided, in agreement with GMI, to gift the table to a family member. A skilled welder-in-the-making, Christian has promised GMI director, John Dahlgren, he’d stay in touch and looks forward to working with GMI to entertain future career opportunities where we know he and his skills will shine!

A big “thank you” is in order to all who participated, making this year’s manufacturer auction at the Butte County Fair a success. With your continued support, we can help shape the future of manufacturing with more young people just like Paige and Christian! To participate in future Buyer’s Club events, contact us at