5 Ways to Increase Employee Retention

Like many industries, the manufacturing sector took a hard hit during the coronavirus pandemic, and the downward trend of existing employees has continued on since. According to Deloitte, the manufacturing industry could have 2.1 million unfulfilled skilled jobs by the year 2030. Attracting and retaining employees is a main focus for the manufacturing sector, and employee satisfaction levels play a significant role in that. Once you’ve got a great fit, it’s imperative you as employers make a concerted effort to hang on to them.

Here are 5 ways to increase employee retention: 

Strategy 1: Offer Courses/Training on Areas of Interest

Feeling unfulfilled is a common cause of job dissatisfaction. Consider offering a paid quarterly or bi-yearly training on a relevant area of interest for your employees, such as a leadership or continuous improvement class over at Butte College. Encouraging career growth for your employees shows you value them enough to invest time and resources into bettering their skills. 

Strategy 2: Promote Strong Mental Health

Feeling appreciated can greatly improve any relationship, and the one between employee and employer is no exception. Strongly encourage your employees to take mental health days when they’re feeling burnt out and use their PTO whenever they’re in need of a break—just a simple acknowledgment of hard work and time off can go a long way. Want to go the extra mile? Provide complimentary access to a meditation app like Headspace or a happiness booting app like Happify

Strategy 3: Incentivize with Tangible Results

Set quarterly or yearly goals for your company with exciting incentives. For example, set a slightly challenging yet achievable sales goal with the reward of a generous bonus or team weekend getaway. Working towards the same outcome will encourage a teamwork approach, and the incentives will be something to look forward to when the time comes—something employees will have to stick around for in order to receive!

Strategy 4: Encourage Physical Well-Being

The body and the mind are strongly connected. Promote strong physical health by providing a subsidized, affordable gym membership for each employee, or choosing an office building with complimentary gym access. Want to switch it up? Join a for-fun race or adult sports league in the community and sign up as a company. Walk or run, the benefits are endless.

Strategy 5: Make Room for Team Time

Relationships among coworkers can make or break a job; more than half of workers say having a work best friend makes work more enjoyable. When the employees are harmonious, the work environment is enjoyable for all. Carve out time every few months for an organized event for your employees: a lunch outside the office, a day to lounge in the sun—whatever you feel everyone could use most.

Every company operates differently, so start with one or two of these that resonate with you most and see how your employees respond. You may need to try a few to get it right. Better yet: consider a survey or informal chat to see which—or all!—of these strategies would be most warmly received.