United States Thermoelectric Consortium (USTC) specializes in the development and manufacture of thermal management metrology tools for the microprocessor industry. In addition to its own line of branded products, USTC offers design, documentation, engineering, prototyping, and development services using in-house resources to outside firms looking to start-up or grow their existing customer base. Additional services offered, include contract electronics assembly, CNC machining, CAM programming, CAD documentation, Mechanical design analysis, Motion studies, animation, and Rapid prototyping.

USTC has a mission to develop, design and manufacture thermal management and control systems in a wide spectrum of applications based on research and development of next generation micro-parts including heat sinks, radiators, fans, compressors and insulations.


  • Manufactures laboratory analytical instruments, specializing in laboratory type thermal analysis instruments.
  • Manufactures industrial instruments for control of process variables.
  • Scientific and Technical Instruments Manufacturing (Analytical Laboratory Instrument)
  • Electronic Inspection and Monitoring Instruments Manufacturing


Thermal Management Systems
  • HATMS – Hybrid Air Thermal Management
  • ITMS – Integrated Thermal Management System
  • RITMS – Rack Integrated Thermal Management System
  • TCS – Thermal Control System
Thermal Heads
  • AI, AJ, AL, NJ, PJ, RJ
Cooling Systems and Supplies
  • Absolute Zero Thermal Grease
  • PCS
  • USTS 103CH550
  • USTS 103CH951
  • USTC IPG3070AC Thermal Fluid